Ultra Mobile USA Call & Data Sim

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Travel Sim Features
Data included

  • Plan A – 2GB at full 4G speeds, unlimited thereafter at 2G/3G speeds.
  • Plan B – 1GB at full 4G speeds.
Tethering No tethering / personal hotspot functionality is permitted by the network provider.

Validity period 30 days of data and calls is included.

Phone calls / SMS
  • Calls and SMS within USA: Unlimited
  • International SMS: Unlimited
  • Calls to Australian landlines: Unlimited
  • Unlimited calls to these destinations
  • Your family and friends in Australia can call you for the cost of a local Australian call – click here for more details.

Please note that if you require a Nano sim, we will cut the sim down to Nano size for you.

Network and Coverage
Ultra Mobile is an operator using T-Mobile’s network in the United States. T-Mobile has the fastest USA-wide and Hawaii 4G network, covering over 309 million Americans and counting.

Check coverage information

Check if your phone will work on this network

Activation Instructions
  1. Insert the sim card when you land in the USA.
  2. Either call 1888 899 0820 (free call) or send a free SMS with the word GOGO (in capital letters) to 6700
  3. If necessary, change your phone’s APN internet settings to those set out below.
  4. APN name wholesale
  5. Additional settings Please ensure you turn on data roaming in your phone’s settings menu