Vinaphone Vietnam Data Sim

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Travel Sim Features
Data included 8.5GB of data at 3G speeds.

Tethering Tethering / personal hotspot is supported for sharing your connection by WIFI to another device. Subject to change at any time by the network provider.

Validity period 7 days of data usage is included.

Phone calls Phone calls cannot be made.

Network and Coverage
Vinaphone provides 90% coverage across the whole of Vietnam.

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Activation Instructions
  1. Insert the sim card on arrival in Vietnam.
  2. After picking up signal, enter the verification code printed on the sim card itself and press call/send.
  3. Your data plan is now successfully set up! Restart your phone and (if necessary) change your phone’s APN internet settings to those set out below. To check your remaining balance, call *101#
  4. APN name m3-world (Username: mms | Password: mms)
  5. Additional settings Please ensure you turn on data roaming in your phone’s settings menu